My Story

I am like a number of people who work long hours each week, a family man and someone who looked forward to their well-earned holidays. During a family holiday, I had an idea! That was transformed into a vocation.

Generally, my family and I stayed in nice hotels and decent resorts, after a few days I couldn’t help feeling a bit trapped and that repetitive boredom had crept in. I just wanted to enjoy a different experience during my stay at minimal or no extra cost.

As my family had already paid a considerable amount of money upfront for our holiday, I felt reluctant to spend even more money outside the hotel to get away from the repetition. But this was the only way to break the monotony and enjoy something different.

When visiting local bars and restaurants, I spoke with many people in a similar situation who begrudgingly had spent additional money to get a change of environment and experience.

During many conversations, I discovered that it wasn’t just the food or entertainment that people would swap. Better beach access, swimming pools, daily activities, and to meet friends all scored high as reasons people would have swapped a hotel.

It got me thinking… What if there was a simple solution to enhance a holiday and give people the ability to have new experiences. Technology is moving rapidly and we can connect so easily.

The idea to create a simple to use app was born. Holi-swAP is going to provide you with a new experience and broaden your horizons.

Francis Barrett
Founder and Director of Holi-swAP Limited.