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Holi-swAP is free to download from multiple app stores including Google, Apple and Windows App stores.


Our app gives you the opportunity to meet new people and connect with others along your travels.


Simple user interface and functionality to get the best out of your experience.


Hi, my name is Francis Barrett, I am the founder of Holi-swAP Limited. If you want to know a bit more about how this idea came about then read on….

I am like a number of people who work long hours each week, a family man and someone who looked forward to their well-earned summer holiday. During a family holiday, I had an idea! That was transformed into a vocation.

Generally, my family and I stayed in nice hotels and decent resorts, after a few days I couldn’t help feeling a bit trapped and that repetitive boredom had crept in. I just wanted to enjoy a different experience during my stay at minimal or no extra cost.

As my family had already paid a considerable amount of money up front for our holiday, I felt reluctant to spend even more money outside the hotel to get away from the repetition. But this was the only way to break the monotony and enjoy something different.

At the local bars and restaurants, I spoke with many people in a similar situation who begrudgingly had spent additional money to get a change of environment and experience.

During many conversations, I discovered that it wasn’t just the food or entertainment that people would swap. Better beach access, swimming pools, daily activities, and to meet friends all scored high as reasons people would have swapped a hotel.

It got me thinking…. What if there was a simple solution to enhance a holiday and give people the ability to have new experiences. Technology is moving rapidly and we can connect so easily.

The idea to create a simple to use app was born.

Holi-swAP is going to provide you with a new experience and broaden your horizons.


Holi-swAP can provide the following interactive features for you.


Holi-swAP will provide more choice of where you can eat, drink & relax during your vacation.


Share your hotel experiences and leave reviews on our social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Innovative easy to use, this handy app can enhance your holiday experience.


Tell us how we are doing or leave feedback for hotels.


Technology at your fingertips that’s clear, concise, fast & functional.


The infographics below will describe how the functionality of Holi-swAP works. A short investment of time can provide long-lasting memories.

Step 1

Download the free app from selected app stores: Apple Store, Google Store and Microsoft stores.

Step 2

Insert your holiday information into the filter system. This includes Location, Hotel Name, Duration, Party Size and your preferred distance to travel.

Step 3

You then will receive a number of results based on the information you provided. Here you can decide if you like the hotels or not in one simple swipe.

Step 4

Each hotel result will contain images and a detailed description allowing you to learn more about the hotels that match your filtered results.

Step 5

On each result you have the option to like or dislike. If you like a hotel, you will then become an active exchange participant for that hotel. You then list the dates and times you wish to exchange on.

Step 6

Once you have matched with another active exchange member, you can agree to swap hotels & the hotel will receive a notice of the agreement.

Step 7

The results at this stage do not include a bedroom - Unless the hotel chooses at their own discretion to provide one.

Step 8

If a direct customer swap is not made the chosen hotel can choose if it wants to invite the interested party for a sample session.


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

No the hotel swap does not include a room.

On arrival you present yourself to reception and show your Holi-Swap wrist band.

You can only do a like for like swap. So if your hotel is bed and breakfast you will only receive the breakfast service of the hotel you arrive at.

That is your choice on how far you wish to travel and how you get there.

That’s your choice and the discretion of the selected hotel.

The hotel you like is still notified of your interest and can decide on whether it invites you in.

Yes on a direct person exchange otherwise it will be the hotel's decision to swap.

This will a decision made by the hotels.

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