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Why not take an opportunity to discover more when traveling with

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Holi-swAP is free to download from multiple app stores including Google, Apple and Windows.

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Our app gives you the opportunity to meet new people and connect with others along your travels.

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Discover new resorts, hotels, food, facilities and more while on your adventures.

Where to get it?
Quick & Easy to Download

- Download for free from Apple, Google and Microsoft stores. 
- Compatible with Android and Apple products.
- Quick and easy to use.
- Safe and secure.
- App available from 2020

How it works. Choose your new Hotel.

- Enter your current hotel and location.
- Select how far you wish to travel.
- Swipe through hotel options.
- Hold down on the screen to select a hotel.
- Enter your parties details.
- Select what facilities you wish to use and what date and time.
- You will receive notification once a swap is available.

Enjoy your new Experience. Leave a Review.

- Register at your new hotel and get your wristband.
- Read previous reviews about the hotel.
- Leave a new review about your experience.
- Check in on Holi-swAP social media pages.
- Ask at the hotel about future special offers.

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